GSM communicator NEW

The GSM communicator Emb v1.18-1.19 is compatible with all alarm systems. If you provide it with adequate power supply you can use it as self-dependent alarm system (the scheme required in order for the alarm to work as self-dependent system is available here: here) and also as device used for surveillance and remote control of different appliances/devices (the scheme required for the relay attachment is available here: here). Programming of all functions and parameters of GSM dialer Emb is implemented by the recorded numbers with names 0 or 1 in the SIM card placed in it. There are 2 possible ways of programming: 1. You call the communicator from one of those numbers, enter the required (for You) DTMF commands (simply put – digits and symbols) from your GSM’s keyboard, request status and you receive SMS with full status report and programmed parameters. You send SMS from numbers 0 or 1 with simple commands. As ‘smarter’ telephones get as harder is to do simple things with them. For example to record a number in the memory of the SIM card. More and more often it seems we record numbers the phone itself instead in the SIM like we wanted. To avoid this kind of problems we have made a small but useful change: after the initial switch on the dialer records the first number to call as the fitter’s one. You can find how to do that step by step in the manual. The other change we have is about sending SMS with own text. There is now a possibility to add 3 SMS with own text: OwnSMS1, OwnSMS2 and OwnSMS3. How to program them - see the full installation manual. Attention: The SMS have to be in Latin! FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO ACCESS THE FILES CONTAINING THE MANUALS AND SCHEMES CLICK ON THE NAME OR PHOTO OF THE PRODUCT!