PUMA Alarm System with built in GSM modem (PUMA LCD+RFC+CR)

Product Description:
The PUMA alarm system has 16 programmable zones, integrated in the power supply GSM communicator (dialer) and a LCD-display keypad consisting of 2 rows, 16 symbols each.

Up to eight keypads can be assigned to one PUMA alarm system and it can have up to 30 user codes, each with individual rights.

The PUMA has a built-in GSM communicator which calls up to 10 numbers. Each of the users has different rights: to turn on/off the alarm system via a mobile phone, to control outputs, to receive a SMS for system events, to receive a SMS or a call on alarm event, optionally to listen and communicate with people on the protected premises. The communicator functions with all mobile providers.

The PUMA alarm system can be divided to partitions: partition 1, partition 2 and global. This gives the PUMA the ability to watch over and control two semi or completely separate sites. It is not necessary for different sites to have a distinguished keypad, and the shared keyboard is a favorable option in which other resources are shared too (as power supply, battery, GSM dialer) but there is still full independence and confidentiality. Still, each partition can have several keyboards assigned to it.

Technical Features :
PUMA has 4 outputs with the ability to control sirens, open doors, etc.
Integrated memory holds the last 256 events.
Additional Features:
Instead of using a keypad, the PUMA can be controlled using a remote control. This feature is recommended if children and/or elders are going to be using the PUMA since it deprecates the need to work with a keypad and/or remember codes. The remote control also features panic buttons. For this feature, wireless (radio) zones need to be added also.
Additionally, the PUMA can be controlled via a card or a wireless key ring tags. In order to do that one more addition must be installed – an ISO card/tag reader, which is integrated into the keypad. This is an even easier-to-use option and also an advantageous option since tags rarely get damaged and do not use batteries.

Technical Characteristics:
Zones Count: 8 hardware (on the plate) and up to 8 keyboard radio zones
keypad Count: up to 8
Voltage: 220V / 20W; 12V, 3…7 Ah battery
Division: 2 partitions + 1 global
Outputs Count: 4 with the ability to control sirens, open doors, supply fire detectors, activation on event
1 4-digit for installation; initially ‘Install’ = ‘1234’
30 Master and User codes; initially ‘Master 1’ = ‘1111’
Memory: 256 events
Phone Numbers: 10 with ability for remote activation and deactivation of the alarm system, outputs control, receiving SMS on event, notifiable on alarm via a SMS or a call
LCD Display: 2 rows x 16 symbols
ISO card/tag reader /optional/
RF receiver for remote controls/panic buttons/radio zones integrated into the keypad /optional/

The price includes a LCD keyboard, GSM dialer and power supply with a transformer in a big metal box.

Price, EU: 102.00

Installation Manual                              User manual