GSM communicator -More power, less money! (GSM Emb v1.0)

Product Description:
ETA SYS Emb's new GSM communicator has the functionality of all GSM dialers with an embedded modem which we have manufactured to date. It is you to decide how it will work; what it will be monitoring; how it will be controlled; whom, when and how it will be alerting; what and how it will manage!
The GSM communicator is compatible with all alarm systems. If you secure suitable power supply, you will be able to use it as an independent alarm and as a control and/or monitoring device for different devices and machines. The programming of all parameters and functions of GSM dialer Emb is performed from the number recorded first in the inserted SIM card. The programming process is easy and fast: you call the communicator from this phone number, then enter the DTMF commands that you need (put simply - digits and symbols) from the keyboard of your GSM device. Next you request status and receive a text message with the full status and programmed parameters. And all this at a price that is 20% lower than our price to date!
It can optionally be ordered with a long antenna (3m cable) for sites with low GSM network coverage. A long antenna for amplification by 2 decibels makes the communicator BGN 2 more expensive, whereas a long antenna for amplifying the sound by 3 decibels adds BGN 3 to the overall charge.

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Technical Features :
Phone numbers: up to 9. 
Number of zones: 5 freely programmable
Types of zones: 7 types
Zone control: by switching on or off to a +12V power supply or by switching on and off "-", programmable
Possibility for division of zones into two groups; yes, programmable
Number of selectable cycles: from 1 to 9, programmable
Number of controlled outputs: 2 open collectors 400mA/ max peak 500mA, which commute mass 
Working modes of the controllable outputs: STEADY or Pulse mode; programmable
Output control rights: for numbers introduced from the 1st to 4th position in the SIM card
Checking the output status: yes; the combination ##, dialed by the number from the 1st to the 4th position in the SIM card returns a text message with the output status.
Power supply: DC 12V/250mA 
The GSM module is fed from the AUX of the alarm station, not directly from the rechargeable battery! 
Standby mode consumption: 15mA, 
Consumption when sending a text message: 80mA 
Consumption upon calling: 120mA 
Monitoring of the power supply: optional, programmable
Test text messages: optional; programmable
HELP menu: yes; The combination **, dialed by the number positioned first in the SIM card returns a text message with the format of commands
System and settings status: yes; The Combination ## , sent from the number positioned first in the SIM card returns an SMS with the full status of the module and the programmed parameters
Size in mm: 57.5 х 91.3 х 20

Price, EU: 60.00

Installation Manual                              User manual