Lynx 4+1 (LYNX4+1)


Product Description:
The Lynx 4+1 remote control panel is designed for securing small sites- at home, the villa, the car. It guarantees a very high reliability against Code Grabbing, and Code Scanning. Produced in two versions: with a dynamically changing (leaping) code, and with a fixed code.

Technical Features :
The kit contains 2 remote control (RC) units; supports up to 15pcs
Number of zones 4 + 1 tamper (anti-sabotage) 24 hours

Power supply:
AC 220V built-in transformer 220 / 16
DC 12V accumulator up to 3Ah.
Autonomous consumption in a "switched on"-mode, closed zones, 220V absent: < 20mA

Alarm outputs:
- built-in piezo-siren 120 dB/m
- NC+ type "drop out + " up to 300mA
- NO- type "open collector" up to 1A
ON/OFF output type "open collector" up to 400mA

- "Partial switching on"
- " Bell " for Zone 1
- " Memory " for the zones which have triggered an alarm signal
- Warning when the system voltage drops below 10.5V due to a lasting cut off of the mains 220V
- Programme protection against activation due to interferences
- Beep time programmable from 1 to 255 min.
- " Panic" when pressing simultaneously both ON&OFF RC buttons
- "Low battery"

Installation Manual                              User manual