GSM- control panel with integrated modem (GSMPEN)


Product Description:
Control Panel under remote control from a remote GSM handset:
- Set up remotely from a GSM handset (1 installer’s code).
- controlled by another 5.
- notifies up to 9 phone numbers.
The Control panel is designed to work with all GSM providers.
It is provided with an integrated modem, so it needs nothing else but a valid SIM-card in order to function.

Technical Features :
Number of zones: 8 (1 on/off + 1 24h. tamper, + 6 shared, with an option to expand up to 16), balanced
Relay outputs: 4pcs. max.7A/220V non-induced
Power supply voltage 12V, 400mA
ON/OFF control relay contact

Number of dialling cycles: 3
Communicated SMS-s: system status, zones status, relays status
Call duration: 40 sec./ ph.

Extra Options:
Switching on/off the alarm system locally (by a key, keyboard or by a RC) or by authorized GSM handset.
Switching on/off devices by a remote authorized GSM phone.
Submit a report on the status of zones and relays.

Power supply block – impulse, 1A
Power supply block – conventional, 400 mA
Expander - to 8 zones
Boxes: metallic / plastic

Installation Manual